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Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel in control of your health and to know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, without wasting any time?

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In this course I show you the 4-step process for taking control of your health so that you can reach your goals and upgrade your lifestyle!

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If you’re tired of feeling stuck when it comes to making a change in your health,

And you’re struggling to find the time to focus on you,

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And you always put yourself and your wellbeing last on your endless to-do list

Which is why I’m so excited to introduce my course:

Setting Health Goals to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

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In this course, you’ll go from feeling stressed and overwhelmed, to knowing exactly what you need to do to improve your health and wellbeing!

I really felt inspired from the beginning of the course and I already learn great tips from the first video lesson. I like the fact that I am guided to use a workbook for practical actions.

The 'Setting Health Goals to Upgrade your lifestyle' by Dr Valerie Hertzog is a very pragmatical approach for setting your health goals. I was very well guided and felt hold hand by hand all throughout the modules. The course is very easy to follow and at the end I am already equipped in less than 2h with concrete action steps that I defined for myself.

I would definitely recommend this course !!!



You’ll learn:

How to come up with your own SMART goals

And how to evaluate your success and course correct as needed so that you keep reaching your goals over and over again

The number one reason you haven’t been successful at achieving your goals

What you need to do to stay on track and set yourself up for success

6 short and to-the-point video modules with easy to take action steps

The framework that I use with my clients to help them create their goals

An accompanying workbook to help you achieve your goals

You'll Get Access to:

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The examples of creating healthier goals are great cues to identify a specific target to aim for. I also liked the part where "if you're not excited, why not"!

I was able to complete this course on my lunch break and feel empowered. It was easy to follow and take action.

Thanks for the Bonus too.



Hi, I'm Valerie Hertzog

I'm a medical doctor, health & wellness coach and mom of three young kids. I’m on a mission to empower stressed out women juggling work, parenting and life’s competing demands to be healthy, feel energized and thrive! 

After reaching near burnout at the end of my medical training, I knew I had to make some changes. Through personal development, training in cognitive behavioural therapy, nutrition, yoga and mindfulness, as well as lifestyle medicine, I learned how to prioritize my health and my needs and have been sharing my knowledge with my clients ever since.

As a wellness coach, I guide women to identify what matters most to them, improve their overall health and wellbeing, work on specific health goals, manage their stress, develop a self care routine and find their path so they can thrive. 


Valerie was friendly and encouraging and this course gave me all the steps to set realistic and achievable health goals. 




In this course, Dr. Hertzog empowers us to make lasting changes to better our health. She efficiently walks us through successful goal setting in a relatable and compassionate way. If you are ready to take the next step on your health journey, Dr. Hertzog is the coach you want by your side.




Simple yet powerful reminders about how to stay consistent with health goals. I needed this to get back on track with my strength exercises. Thank you Dr. Valerie for putting this together!




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There are a lot of courses out there on goal setting - why should I pick yours?

There are a lot of courses out there on goal setting - why should I pick yours?

This course is specifically designed by me, a busy MD mom of 3, for other women who are also juggling multiple roles and who want to set and meet realistic goals to improve their health. I take what I’ve applied to both myself and my clients over the past 10 years and simplify it so that you can apply it right away! This course is short, focused on action steps, and will help you get started today to reach your health and wellness goals.  

I’m too busy and can’t find time for myself. How will this course help?

I’m too busy and can’t find time for myself. How will this course help?

First of all this course is short and doable - only 34 minutes total of video lessons, each lesson only 2-9 minutes long. Even if you only have a few minutes per day, you can do this! Then once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have your very own framework that you can use over and over again to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

What exactly will you be covering during the video lessons?

What exactly will you be covering during the video lessons?

I cover an introduction to the course, what has been getting in your way of achieving your goals and how to overcome it, how to use the SMART framework to clarify your goals, focus your efforts, and use your time & resources productively. Plus, what you can do to stay on track, how to set yourself up for success, and how to make success as easy as possible. How to measure your progress, when to schedule regular check-ins, and when to troubleshoot.

Is there a physical document or a digital PDF?

Is there a physical document or a digital PDF?

Yes! There is an accompanying workbook with questions, information and quotes to help guide you as you go through the course.

What currency is your pricing in?

What currency is your pricing in?

It’s in US dollars.

I’m in!

100% Happiness Guarantee

I believe in the power of this course and know that it can work for you! If you’re unhappy with something, please reach out to me and I’ll be here to help!

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