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Are you feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, & unsure where to start?

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Specific benefits you can expect:

By working one-on-one with me, I’ll guide you to reach your goals, learn exactly what you need to do to feel better right away, and tailor the program to your specific needs.

You’ll get 6 individual coaching sessions, accompanying workbooks for each week, a meal plan, personalized goal setting and action plan, and support and accountability. 

More energy

Less stress

Better sleep

Weight loss

More confidence

Better mood

Ready to stop being on autopilot and take control of your wellbeing? In this program I show you how to go from feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, to feeling healthy, energized and empowered, so you can thrive!

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Are you ready to tackle your stress but you’re not sure where to start? You’ll have 2-3 well-defined goals to get you on your way towards a healthier, happier life. 

The bundle includes a stress relief journal, a guided relaxation and 7 days of healthy meals, to help you on your path to better health and less stress!

I show you how to go from feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, to feeling healthy, energized and empowered, so you can thrive!

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I’ve been there too.

I thought I had it all figured out. I was going after my dream of becoming a medical doctor, which involved working long hours and putting others first, while unintentionally neglecting my own self care.

Until one day I couldn’t keep going. My body rebelled, I reached a crisis point and I had to make changes. It wasn’t easy, but I figured it out one step at a time.

I’m now making daily intentional choices to prioritize myself and my wellbeing, while also balancing my roles as a doctor, health and wellness coach, mother and wife. 

It’s my mission to help you do the same and to show you that you don’t need to feel stressed all the time, and that you can make small meaningful changes so you can be healthy, have more energy and thrive!

More About Me

Hi I’m Valerie.



A breath of fresh air who will help moms, entrepreneurs, professional working women that need to find the time to just take a moment and breathe!!! Valerie helped me learn how to make time for myself and take care of my mental health. Working with her was simply amazing!!!


Yudi R. 


Valerie came at a time when I'm going through so much and I felt I walked away with clear tools and techniques to help me feel less stress NOW and in the days to come! Valerie really understands us busy women and her concise and lovely coaching is a gift.


Kate Y.


Valerie's story is so compelling. She was able to get a handle on stress after her intense experience and has shared these super helpful tips on how I can do the same. Thanks to her, I now have an arsenal of practices that I can use to keep stress at bay. Thank you Valerie!


Bunmi A. 


My top 3 tips to get organized and start tackling your to-do list so that you can stress less, prioritize your wellbeing and thrive! Plus a daily, weekly and monthly downloadable planner with everything you need to set yourself up for success and reach your goals!

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